V International Security and Civil Protection Exhibition and Conference «KAZAKHSTAN SECURITY SYSTEMS 2019»
October 1-3, 2019 Palace of Independence, Astana, Kazakhstan


  • Thales Group
    Thales Group 08 may , 2019 «Thales Group» - International Industrial Group, which specializes in information systems and technologies. The group manufactures the products oriented to the markets such as aviation – on-board equipment, electronics for use in peace and war time, space activity - offers the systems that combine space and ground technologies; defence - develops and delivers all types of equipment for the use in air, water, ground, space; security - provides protection for modern types of threats, such as terrorism and organized crime, mass immigration and cyber-attacks; transport - offers a wide range of solutions for railways and integrated transport systems, ensuring safe and reliable transportation of goods and people. The Group operates through its own units, located in 56 countries.
  • Regula
    Regula 02 april , 2019 Regula is the leading producer of expert devices for authenticating documents, banknotes and securities. We are known all over the world: our products and solutions are used by law enforcement experts from Europe, Middle East, Asia, Australia and New Zealand, South and North America. Since the 1990s, we have been producing compact and efficient devices having no analogues in the world.
  • Уязвимые в террористическом отношении объекты оштрафовали на 33 миллиона тенге
    Уязвимые в террористическом отношении объекты оштрафовали на 33 миллиона тенге 01 march , 2019 В прошлом году сотрудниками полиции обследованы более 1000 объектов, внесено 242 предписания для устранения недостатков. В рамках проведения ОПМ "Правопорядок" продолжается проверка объектов уязвимых в террористическом отношении, передает Zakon.kz со ссылкой на пресс-службу Департамента полиции Астаны. С начало года по 4 объектам различной категории возбуждено административное производство по ст. 149 КРКоАП (Неисполнение и (или) ненадлежащее исполнение обязанностей по обеспечению антитеррористической защиты и соблюдению должного уровня безопасности объекта, уязвимого в террористическом отношении).
  • Exponent - AlmaDK
    Exponent - AlmaDK 01 march , 2019 AlmaDK, LLP is a national manufacturer, a member of the Defense Sector of the Republic of Kazakhstan as well as of the National Chamber of Entrepreneurs; it is accredited as a subject of scientific and technological activities. Our company obtained State licenses for manufacturing, development, purchasing and marketing of weapons, ammunition, military equipment, components and parts that are used for anti-terrorist operations, crowd control and mass anti-riot missions. We execute R&D works to improve and upgrade our product intended for special units and defence capability strengthening of our country. All manufactured products conform to quality management system standards ISO 2009 as well as to all applicable documents requirements of above mentioned product use, maintenance and storage.