The unique business platform for manufactures and users of anti-terror protection of the objects.
Official support:
Negotiations and search of the major customers
Opportunity to showcase your solutions to target audience
Direct dialogue with government regulators
The main themes:
- Statutory regulation in the field of anti-terrorist protection of facilities vulnerable to terrorism
- Ensuring safety during the mass events
- Provision of comprehensive safety and security of nuclear industry facilities
- Anti-terrorist security of facilities of fuel and energy complex
- Transport infrastructure security
Thematic sections
- Integrated security systems for of facilities vulnerable to terrorism
- Access control systems and perimeter protection
- Anti-ram devices and roadblocks
- Metal detectors and inspection equipment
- Detectors of explosive, addictive and radioactive substances
- Means and complexes of electronic combat against drones (UСAVs)
sectoral events
heads of facilities vulnerable to terrorism
The main business event
The Republican Conference on countering terrorist threats at facilities vulnerable to terrorism organized under the patronage of the Anti-Terror Center of the Republic of Kazakhstan.
VI International exhibition and conference on security
For participation please contact:
Nataliya Sharova

Tеl.: +7 7172 64 23 23 (ext. 208)
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